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Fostering New Trends in MMIC Design


Aelius Semiconductors' MMIC design team carries a combined 70+ man years of dedicated MMIC design experience.

Each engineer works with industry standard MMIC CAD software that includes circuit simulators like Agilent ADS, AWR Microwave Office along with ADS momentum, MWO Axiem and Sonnet for EM simulation.

In addition, they have access to other high-end software for 3D EM simulation. The former Microelectronic Technologies Division of Astra Microwave Products Ltd (AMPL) which grew to be India's largest and best equipped GaAs MMIC design and production house, was spun off as a 100% subsidiary - Aelius Semiconductors Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Aelius has access to the state-of-the-art assembly, test and packaging facility available at AMPL which includes RF on-wafer probing test and measurement facility.

On-wafer RF probing provides an excellent platform to validate and fine tune designs.

Aelius also has access to the largest Space Qualified MMIC assembly and test facility at AMPL. Packaging of MMICs is also undertaken as per customer requirement. Using this facility, Ceramic and hermetically sealed and packaged MMIC components can be delivered to customers. For Hermetically sealed packages, gross and fine leak test can be conducted. Our Environmental test facility is capable of carrying out MIL grade, Jedec as well as IEC compliant qualification tests that include Temperature-cycling, Burn-in, Mechanical Shock, Three Axis Vibration and Thermo-Vacuum tests.

MMIC design and manufacturing

  • State of the art tools like Microwave Office/Advanced Design System (ADS)
  • Class 10,000 and class 100,000 clean rooms
  • Class 100 laminar flow benches for actual assembly
  • Complete ESD care
  • Temperature/humidity-controlled desiccators with nitrogen purge for die storage
  • Humidity/temperature-controlled material store
  • Fume absorbers with soldering stations to avoid contamination
  • Dicing system for cutting alumina substrate, and GaAS/GaN/silicon wafers
  • Resistive welding system for package sealing


  • Semi-Automatic and Manual on-wafer probe stations
  • Scalar and vector network analyzers
  • Noise figure analyzers
  • Microwave frequency counters
  • Power meters
  • Signal generators
  • Function and pulse generators
  • High-precision bonding machines
  • Temperature controlled hot plate with nitrogen purge facility for eutectic attachment
  • Clean room compatible oven for curing epoxy
  • X10-X100 magnification microscopes
  • Thermosonic wire bonders for deep access ball and wedge bonding Parallel gap welding

ESS equipment

  • Temperature/humidity/particle count measurement equipment
  • 100X-500X magnification inspection microscope
  • Testers for bond pull and die sheer strength
  • DC probing station for on-chip measurement of DC parameters
  • Environment chambers (-65 celsius to +175 celsius; 98% RH)
  • Vibration equipment for sine, random, sine over random
  • Gross leak and fine leak detectors for hermetic verification of packages

About Us

Aelius Semiconductors Pte Ltd is a fabless MMIC Design House, based in Singapore.

Aelius Semiconductors develops GaAs and GaN MMIC products based on a robust and reliable design philosophy. These designs are fabricated at leading foundries across the world.

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